Naruto has become one of the greatest shounen manga ever made. It is an icon in Japan, and is loved by millions worldwide. Heck, it even created the “Naruto Run” craze and other internet phenomenons. The manga is also known to be about ninjas, chakra, and getting Sasuke back. But did you know that mangaka Masashi Kishimoto’s original plans about Naruto wasn’t really about ninjas? In an interview with Naruto Meigen Shu, he admitted that he intended Naruto to be a cooking manga… about ramen!

Yes folks, Naruto was supposed to be a ramen-cooking series. But still, it seems that Kishimoto retained that ramen theme of sorts with Naruto’s obsession with ramen, huh? Here’s what the mangaka had to say:

Naruto wasn’t supposed to be about ninjas, it was supposed to be about a teenager named Naruto cooking ramen. But my editor of that time told me ‘It will never gonna work.’ I had to find something else and this became a story about ninjas.”

Kishimoto admitted that he really loved ramen, and even incorporated his favorite ramen stall into his work. Of course, this would become Ichiraku ramen, which is Naruto’s favorite stall in Konohagakure.

“Back then I loved ramen. In front of my college, there was this place called ‘Ichiraku’ where I used to eat ramen.”

Now, can you imagine what it would have been like if Naruto was about ramen, instead of ninjas? Well, that would certainly would have turned out much differently, huh?

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