Things get serious when it comes to people’s waifu, just ask Japanese Twitter user @Onika_Rem0202. If you haven’t guessed from his twitter handle alone, he’s a huge fan of Re:Zero’s demon maid, Rem. In fact, his room is utterly dedicated to her, filled with all sorts of Rem merchandise. Now this guy is truly loyal to his waifu, huh?

As you can see, it’s not just anime figures, but everything, from dakimakura covers, plushies, Re:Zero light novels, illustrations, stickers, and more. And yes, he even has that extremely rare life-size Rem figure as well! He also has a special bottle of perfume that is supposed to smell like Rem.

And it seems that his love for Rem ain’t just contained in the confines of his room. As it turns out, the guy also owns a Rem itasha, you know, those anime-themed cars we often see at events.

When asked how much he spent on the room, the hardcore Rem fanboy just replied around 3 Million Yen. Now that’s certainly a lot, huh? Well, at least he’s happy, and we’re pretty sure he’s not gonna let people talk bad about his waifu!

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