In Japan, whenever there is an anime which suffers from bad animation, they say it had “sakuga houkai (Animation Collapse)”. Now, that term is currently trending in Japanese twitter because of one particular little sister anime, which is My Sister, My Writer. Just on its second episode, fans have reported the series’ animation collapsing, with fans decrying it.

The biggest backlash was on twitter, where the term even trended. In fact, a few twitter users posted a few of those collapsed animation stills online. This one is from Siroumaru96 who posted the animation discrepancies between the first and second episodes.


Now, “Sakuga Houkai” isn’t really rare in the animation industry. Infamous examples include Dragon Ball Super, Sailor Moon Crystal, Naruto Shippuden (particularly the Pain arc), and most recently, Dynamic Chord. However, studios tend to try to avoid having their animation collapse as much as possible.


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