After a successful run in Japan which has been loved by critics and fans alike, the Japanese stage play “Shiren & Ragi” is getting a movie version. It stars Tatsuya Fijiwara – the leading actor in the Death Note series, the play is set at a time when Japan was divided between the North and the South, and is a tragic story of forbidden love and political intrigue. And now, that movie version is heading to Singapore!

The story starts with Shiren (Hiromi Nagasaku), a legendary Northern Assassin who was sent to the South as a spy to assassinate Godai (Katsumi Takahashi), the King of the South. She currently serves Kyougoku (Arata Furuta), a high-ranking vassal of the North. When news arrives revealing Shiren’s failed assassination of Godai, Shiren is sent back to the South to complete the assassination. Ragi (Tatsuya Fujiwara), the son of Kyougoku, sensing Shiren’s distress, volunteers to accompany her on the mission. On seeing Ragi’s determination to be there to support her throughout the journey, Shiren’s cold heart starts melting.  

The movie’s production team shot the play over the course of two live performances, where 20 cameras were used to capture all the various angles of the stage play. Unlike a live audience member’s single-view experience of Shiren & Ragi, moviegoers will get to experience multiple views and close-ups throughout the film. Furthermore, the film’s editors also chose to showcase interesting reactions by characters, something which theatre audiences could easily overlook, while certain special effects were added to create a more holistic movie experience.

Shiren & Ragi will be screened exclusively at GV Suntec & GV Grand from 23 November 2018 onwards; with advance sales starting on 8 November. Tickets are now available through this link.

Day / Date:

Friday, 23 November

Saturday, 24 November


8:30pm – 11:30pm

3:30pm – 6:30pm


GV Suntec City



$18 (Members)

$22 (Public)

$42 per pair (Members)

$48 per pair (Public)

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