As we all know by now, Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga will be ending very soon. However, it seems that the mangaka has already worked on its final panel. In fact, it was shown during the MBS documentary program Jounetsu Tairiku. (Before you read the second paragraph, note that there will be spoilers)

The program recently aired an episode focusing on Isayama, and it previewed what the mangaka was working on. Well, it turns out that that was the final panel of the Attack on Titan manga, which means he has already done the story’s ending. As the scene from the TV show has shown, the final panel is still a draft, but it contains the phrase ” You’re free …””” (highlight the  text to read spoilers) 

The mangaka, as well as his editor Shintarou Kawakubo, previously confirmed that it would be ending in three or four years back in September 2014. And now, four years later, it seems that what they said is really coming true.

However, we must remember that while the manga is already in its final arc, they still haven’t announced when exactly it will be ending. But don’t worry folks, because with a title as popular as Attack on Titan, Kodansha might be making announcements on when it will end exactly. So stay tuned for more developments in the days to come.

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