Well, we saw this coming as soon as they announced that its returning. Weekly Shounen Jump magazine’s 52nd issue has announced that Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter X Hunter manga is going back on hiatus again. The new hiatus will begin in the magazine’s next issue, and we still don’t know when it will return.

The usual reason for the new hiatus is that Togashi is “sick” again. However, the mangaka did note that he has already completed 10 storyboards, and will be working on more while he’s “recuperating”.

This will be his latest hiatus since going on one which lasted from April to September this year. However, that hiatus was surprisingly short compared to his previous ones which last for years on end.

So, how long do you guys think this hiatus will last this time? Three years again? Two years? Five months? Well, only time will tell…

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