When it comes to doujinshi, most anime franchises, as well as companies, would often turn a blind eye to fan-made works such as doujinshi. This is mainly because they consider doujinshi as a free means of advertising, and often times, they also see doujins as ways to cultivate future talent. However, it isn’t rare for certain anime and companies to not allow doujins of their properties. These include Love Live! and Girls und Panzer. However, it seems that one more will be added to those rare ones with that anti-doujin stance, and that is Tsuburaya. While they’re best known for the Ultraman franchise, they’re also the license holders of Gridman… which currently has a very popular anime titled SSSS.Gridman.

Now, the anime is a co-production between Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya, and while Trigger certainly doesn’t mind doujins, Tsuburaya does. In fact, you can find their stance over at their company website FAQ. There, a question asks if they could make illustrations, videos, books, replicas, and other forms of media out of the company’s property. Of course, these include doujinshi, as well as making doujinshi for events such as Comiket. However, Tsuburaya’s answer to the question is that it’s a no. They really won’t allow stuff like doujinshi of their property to happen. It’s their property and they won’t allow the public to use it.

So sorry guys, don’t expect a ton of Rikka doujins next Comiket, because Tsuburaya has put their foot down. But then again, since the company is trying to get a family-friendly image, then maybe some adult-themed doujins might actually hurt them in the long run…

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source:  Tsuburaya Productions website


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