When you’re in the plastic model hobby, sometimes, you really have to be creative. And that creativity doesn’t just translate to painting the model, but also getting all those effects. Sure, there are a ton of ways people can get those weathering effects, from make-up to charcoal, but do they use explosions? Well, there’s one GunPla modeler whose methods can make Michael Bay and KonoSuba’s Megumin proud…


OK, so he just used some fire crackers, but the damage was legit, and the GM really looked like it was wrecked in battle. He also posted a video of how he pulled it off:

and here is the result: real damage!

Of course, safety is required when pulling this off, so remember a few safety rules when lighting fire crackers. Though it would really better of you guys don’t try this at home. Also, sometimes, getting the desired effects from the explosions are a bit difficult, as what effect you will get seem to be… unpredictable.

However, despite this, @akakishi95126’s unorthodox method has gone viral, with many modelers praising his work.

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