Are you ready for another fantasy anime with an overpowered protagonist?Well, Light Tuchihi’s Kono Yuusha ga Ore TUEEE Kuse ni Shincho Sugiru (This Hero is Invincible but “Too Cautious”) fantasy light novels are getting an anime adaptation, and it also has an overpowered hero. However, it seems that he’s a bit “too cautious” as compared to your usual OP protagonist. Hilarity ensues. Kadokawa announced the new anime by releasing an announcement video:

Here are the novels’ synopsis:

The spoiled rookie goddess Ristarte takes charge of salvation of a super hard mode world. She successfully

summons a hero named Seiya Ryuguin who has a cheating-level status, but he is incredibly cautious…?

When he buys his armors, “I want three. One to wear, one for spare, and one for spare when the spare is

gone.” In addition to keeping a massive amount of the stocks of items, he stays in his room for weight

training until he reaches his maximum level. And even when he fights against a slime, he is cautious enough

to use his full power.

As the video reveals, WHITE FOX, the studio behind both Re:Zero and Goblin Slayer, is animating this new series. Unfortunately, they still haven’t announced further details yet, such as the staff, cast, and release date.

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source: Crunchyroll


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