Netflix has been expanding their anime division more and more with the success of many of their many exclusive anime. And now, they’ve just announced that they are doing more! During their “See What’s Next Asia” event at the Marina Bay Sands, Netflix’s executive director for anime, Taito Okiura, announced FIVE new anime content. Of course, one of them is the anime adaptation of the Philippine graphic novel series, Trese. “At Netflix, we have chosen to focus on high concept anime with global travel prospects. This is a really big commitment. And the prosperity of Netflix’s anime shows has to be aligned with the prosperity of Japanese anime generally,” said Okiura.

However, the biggest name in those new original anime content that they announced includes Pacific Rim. Craig Kyle (“Thor: Ragnarok”) and Greg Johnson (“X-Men: Evolution”) will be acting as the show’s producers. They will also be adapting the Netflix original series, Altered Carbon, into an anime as well. Studio Anima will be producing the animation for that one, while  Dai Sato (“Cowboy Bebop,” “Samurai Champloo”) and Tsukasa Kondo will be writing its story.

They also announced that they’re working with Studio Gonzo once again, this time for the original anime, “Cagaster of an Insect Cage”. It will be directed by Last Exile’s Koichi Chigira. And finally, Netflix is working with MAPPA once again for the original anime, “Yasuke”. Its setting is an alternate version of Japan where science and magic exist at the same time. The anime will follow Oda Nobunaga’s African vassal.

Netflix will announce more details on these anime in the days to come.

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source: Variety


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