This season, the new My Sister My Writer TV anime has been quite infamous for many reasons. Among them is the fact that its animation quality is quite… terrible.

The bad animation has gotten viewers talking, however, deep within its production, the staff may be suffering. While  they may be having a hard time dealing with the internet’s wrath, there may be more than meets the eye as an apparent cry for help has surfaced in the anime’s end credits from its most recent episode.

As you can see, they listed one of the animators as “正直困太”. However, this ain’t a name at all. The first two kanji characters, 正直, are read as shojiki, and it means “Honestly” or “truly”. But the true dire fact is the second set of two kanji characters. 困太, which you pronounce as Komata, which means “to be in a difficult situation”. Long story short, those credits mean “We’re in serious trouble.”

It’s not certain whether this is a cry for help from the animators, or just the staff asking for forgiveness and understanding. However, it’s still pretty certain that fans are unhappy with the bad animation, and that the staff are seeking their forgiveness.

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source: Sora News 24


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