SSSS.Gridman may be one of this season’s hottest anime, but rights-owner Tsuburaya ain’t allowing doujinshi… until now that is. This is because the company behind Ultraman finally relented as they released new guidelines on derivative works such as doujinshi.

On the use of materials

It is prohibited to copy or trace any materials from the production, such as images, videos, logos, music, scripts, and so on. This does not apply to derivative works (Illustrations, Manga, Novels, etc.) that are newly created with reference to SSSS.Gridman.

Production and distribution of derivative works

Please produce and distribute derivative works in accordance with the guideline above. However, things that infringe on public order or the rights of others are prohibited.

About doujinshi

Any doujinshi that is deemed to exceed the category of fan activities, such as production and distribution for commercial purposes, may have its sales suspended.

Regarding individual fan works

We cannot respond to inquiries about individual fan works. Please be understanding.

SSSS.Gridman is a co-production between Studio Trigger and Tsuburaya, and while Trigger certainly doesn’t mind doujins, Tsuburaya does. In fact, you can find their stance over at their company website FAQ. But with the new rules and guidelines, fans can rest easy because you can now get your hands on Rikka and Akane doujins as soon as the next Comiket begins…

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source: Tsuburaya Productions website via ANN


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