Comic Book legend Stan Lee has now passed away at age 95. And with his passing comes tributes from countless people, from normal comics fans to celebrities. And now, the Marvel Comics creator is seeing tribute from those he touched back in Japan. This is because Stan has worked with a lot of big names from the country, and has definitely affected their lives.

Not only did his Spider-Man get a tokusatsu TV show (with a giant robot!), but The Avengers also got various TV anime, along with X-Men. He even worked on manga, writing the concept for Karakuri Douji Ultimo. He also worked on anime, making a cameo on Heroman, as well as co-producing last year’s The Reflection TV anime. Stan Lee’s works have inspired countless mangaka, animators, directors, seiyuu, and even idols back in Japan, and it shows as they posted tributes to the fallen comics icon.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure animation director Kohei Ashiya


Idol Hirona Murata

Seiyuu Junichi Suwabe

Silent Möbius and Nadesico mangaka Kia Asamiya

Hideo Kojima

Saber Marionette J character designer Tsukasa Kotobuki

Rest in peace Stanley Martin Lieber, you will never be forgotten. Farewell and EXCELSIOR!

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