Sunrise has been churning out more and more Gundam content as we approach the franchise’s 40th anniversary. And during a panel discussion during the Anime NYC event last Friday, they revealed they’re doing more. In fact, the panel revealed that they’re planning at least one new Gundam movie every one or two years.

The Anime NYC panel also has some good news for us not living in Japan because they’re releasing these films internationally. However, they did not reveal which specific countries will be getting these movies. There’s also the fact that tends to stream Gundam anime films in YouTube a few months after they screen it in Japan.

And speaking of, the Gundam portal site has announced some news about the franchise’s 40th anniversary. In fact, they will be making a huge announcement regarding that on November 21, 2018 at 1:00 pm JST.

so, what do you guys think the new announcement will be? Well, since we’re celebrating 40 years of Gundam, better expect it to be a big announcement!

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source: ANN


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