YouTube has all sorts of videos, from cats doing hilarious things to virtual YouTubers doing their thing. But did you know that YouTube also has videos which spoil manga for people who haven’t read them yet? They’re called “Spoiler Videos”, which unlike illegally scanned manga, they only feature speech and thought bubbles as opposed to the manga’s copyrighted art. This would still allow viewers to know the story without buying the manga. And now, Shogakukan is going after them.

The company which publishes manga such as Detective Conan and the Pokemon manga has now brought the issue before the Tokyo District Court. They say that these videos, while not violating the copyright of the artworks, still violate the copyright of the other half of what makes a manga – it’s written story.

And because of this, the Tokyo District Court has ruled in favor of the company. They are now asking the video streaming site to forward information about those who upload these now-illegal videos to the site. These include videos which feature the images or just the text of the manga. In other words, the court may issue a cease-and-desist order to YouTube to stop streaming these videos online.

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