Zombie Land Saga certainly caught many off guard after all the secrecy surrounding its plot. Yes folks, the anime is about Zombie Idols trying to save Saga prefecture by trying to become famous. However, its most infamous episode has gotta be Episode 3 where Sakura Minamoto (who already had it at that point) exploded and rapped her heart away!

The scene propelled the anime to fame, from an obscure series to something which inspires memes. Yes folks, that scene inspired a few memes!

And now, two of the seiyuu from the anime tried to recreate that scene in live-action… with zombie make-up of course. They are Asami Tano (Saki Nikaidou) and Kaede Hondo (Sakura Minamoto), and they truly showed off their rap skills in an Abema TV special for the anime:

Now we know that both seiyuu can actually rap! However, don’t expect them to be able to recreate those neck-breaking head bangs from the Death Metal episode, which is episode 2…

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