After months of trash talking, renowned American comedian, Conan O’Brien, has finally escalated his fake feud with Detective Conan with a trip to Japan. This “feud” was over the O’Brien’s claims that Detective Conan’s Conan Edogawa “ripped him off”. Well, it was all for fun as is expected of Coco, and even visited Conan town. The episode about his trip has now aired, and this is the segment where he arrives in Hokuei (AKA Conan Town).

Well, the good news is they resolved it over Hamburgers, right? I guess that warm welcome for the comedian over at Tottori Airport (also known as Conan Airport) also helped… until the crowd expecting to welcome him received word that he got on the wrong plane… just Conan being Conan I guess. Oh, and Coco also became mayor for a day there…

Previously, O’Brien called out the anime character for “ripping him off” in a joke segment. He also asked the Japanese town several absurd demands, which are of course for comedy reasons. Then, Mayor Matsumoto himself replied in a video, complete with his own absurd demands, and then invited Conan to visit… though Conan countered with even more absurd demands. But this time, Coco relented and said he’s visiting Japan and “collect his money”.

The comedian offered up a few comparisons between him and the anime character. First of all, he pointed out that both of them have skinny legs, as well as distinctive hair, always wears a suit, always asks people questions, and is also cartoonish. But most importantly, Conan pointed out that both him and Detective Conan are men trapped in a child’s body.

O’Brien  has a penchant for traveling abroad and share the joys of a good laugh with locals. He mostly makes fun of himself, and has a knack of de-escalating tense moments through comedy. His method of “comedy diplomacy” has made him very popular abroad, and this resulted to rock star-like receptions in countries he visited, such as Finland, South Korea, and Mexico. His travel segments are called Conan Without Borders, and he’s willing to go to great lengths to make people laugh.

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