Many regard High School of the Dead as a great manga. However, we may never get to see the ending. Last March 2017, the series co-mangaka (author), Daisuke Satou, passed away. His partner and artist for the manga, Shoji Sato, is still very much alive. However, in an interview with Japanese pop culture website Comic Natalie, Sato, who is also the mangaka for Triage X, said he finds it difficult to continue drawing the series.

Shoji Sato says that it really pains his heart, and just thinking about Satou makes him think he cannot just carelessly involve himself in the manga. While Daisuke Satou wrote the story, Shoji Sato drew the artwork. They were good friends until the author passed away. The latter was suffering from ischemic heart disease, which led the manga to go on hiatus in 2011. They had a brief return in 2013, but that was it. The continuation never came, as the author passed away last year.

In the same interview, Triage X editor Kawanakajima said that nobody in the world could “inherit” the mangaka’s vision for the story, even his partner, Shoji Sato. They would need somebody who would know the author’s plans for the rest of the series, and that somebody must also have the storytelling abilities to write the. He also added that many comics and novels overseas have multiple collaborators, but said that only a Daisuke Satou would be able to continue High School of the Dead.

For his part, Shoji Sato said he will be including a tribute to his friend and partner in Triage X’s 14th volume. It will feature a story which has the elements of a zombie apocalypse, and he would like to make the story and art more dramatic and ostentatious that High School of the Dead.

So, what do you guys think? Would we see a continuation?

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