Well, looks like Japan is doing something many overseas haven’t even though about. Yes folks, they’re doing a streaming channel that exclusively streams harem (and reverse harem) anime! DoCoMo’s d Anime Store will be launching its own harem anime streaming channel, and it will only show harem anime.

According to d Anime Store’s official website, the new harem channel will boast over 100 titles. And it will indeed feature all sorts of harem anime, from school harems to battle harems. As for the ladies, don’t worry because they have reverse harems in the channel as well.

However, fans who want to access it must be DoCoMo users, and must sign up to d Anime Store for 400 yen a month. Not only will they get the harem channel, but also access to the service’s library of over 2,700 anime titles. Just think of it as Netflix, but they only show anime. However, don’t expect them to carry all them Netflix exclusives like the Magi spin-off, Adventures of Sinbad though, or Kakegurui and Fate/Apocrypha.

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source: animeanime.jp


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