Sometimes, leaks could reveal important details about a game’s story. However, it could spoil it too. Recently, game footage from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III leaked online, leaking some of the aspects of the game’s story. Apparently, these videos contain the game’s epilogue and secret movie. Now, Square Enix has responded to this, with a statement from Tetsuya Nomura himself:

While most companies leak information about their releases themselves every now and then, it seems that Square Enix really didn’t want these videos going out. They’re now launching an investigation and are also asking fans not to share these videos.

Previously, Nomura hinted at Tokyo Game Show 2018 that there will be a secret movie. He also added that he and his staff are considering to release that secret movie in September when many have already played through. With the leaks, it’s unclear whether they’ll go through with that plan or not.

Fortunately, all ain’t bad news for fans because Square Enix also released a new video recently:

This new game tells the story of the power of friendship as Sora and his friends embark on a perilous adventure and support each other through difficult times. Set in a vast array of Disney worlds, KINGDOM HEARTS follows the journey of Sora, a young boy and unknowing heir to a spectacular power. Sora is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy, two emissaries sent by King Mickey from Disney Castle, to stop an evil force known as the Heartless from invading and overtaking the universe. The Southeast Asian version for the PlayStation 4  will be released on Tuesday, 29th January 2019.

Through the power of positivity and friendship, Sora, Donald and Goofy unite with iconic Disney-Pixar characters, old and new, to prevail amidst tremendous challenges and persevere against the darkness threatening their worlds.

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