Aside from the live-action Hollywood movie adaptation, My Hero Academia is also having a live-action 2.5D stage adaptation. And now, Weekly Shounen Jump magazine has revealed a new poster visual for the show, and it not only features Deku and All Might, but the rest of Class 1-A:

The play will star:

Midoriya – Tamura Shin
Todoroki – Kitamura Ryou
Bakugo – Kobayashi Ryota
Ochako – Takeuchi Yume
Iida – Ino Hiroki
Tsuyu – Noguchi Mao
Kirishima – Tanaka Naoki
Denki – Sato Yugo
Mineta – Okuo NagatoShigaraki – Raita
Endeavor – Ueda Yuusuke
Skinny All Might – Hayashi Tsuyoshi
Eraserhead – Seto Yuusuke
Tokoyami – Matsubara Rin

The play, titled My Hero Academia: The Ultra Stage, will have shows in both Tokyo and Osaka starting April 2019. It will first run in Tokyo from April 12-21, 2019, before heading to Osaka from April 26-29. They previously confirmed that Youtai Mitsuyoshi will be directing the play. Expect them to announce more details about the play soon.

So, what do you guys think of this new My Hero Academia 2.5D stage play?

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Source: Weekly Shonen Jump magazine


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