Naruto has already ended, which means that Naruto mangaka Masashi Kishimoto has been out of work for some time now. True, he may act as supervisor for the Boruto manga, the sequel to his Naruto series, but he ain’t exactly its mangaka. But during the Jump Festa ’18 event, they revealed in a stage presentation that Kishimoto is going back to work! This time, he will work alongside illustrator Akira Ookubo for a new manga titled Samurai 8: Hachimaruden.

Unlike Naruto where he serves as both artist and writer, Kishimoto will only be doing the original work and story, while Ookubo does the art. Naruto’s own seiyuu, Junko Takeuchi, went on stage and read a message from Kishimoto. She said that the manga will “combine his love for Japanese culture and clothing, and science-fiction.”

As of now, we still don’t know much about this new manga, but it will debut inside the pages of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. It will start its run sometime in spring 2019.

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