Guys cosplaying as girls (traps) and Girls cosplaying as guys has been a very common site during cosplay events. However, one cosplayer has claimed that Odex isn’t allowing cross-gender cosplay, or cross-play, for their cos-walk competition during the COSPLAY CARNIVAL event. In a post on Facebook, cosplayer Sheena Grace Minichaos claimed that Odex messaged her saying that she can enter the competition, but only as a female character.

The organizers did not mention on the ban on crossplay in their rules, but they also have the “right to change the rules of this competition at their own discretion” clause in there as well. However, the company did receive some backlash in the comments section of Sheena Grace Minichaos’s post.

As for the event, it featured several well-known cosplayers from across Asia, as well as a meet-and-greet with them. For the Cross-Walk and the Performance competitions, Olivie, Drefan, Clarissa Punipun, and Luffy served as judges. The Cross-Walk event happened yesterday at the Our Tampines Hub (Tampines MRT), while the event continue on today at the same venue with the Performance Competition.

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