2018 has seen a significant rise to live-action adaptations of anime and manga. This is not just limited to movies, but also TV shows and stage plays. Now, Japanese ranking website, Goo, has polled 7,880 readers on their favorite live-action adaptation from 2018. They have now posted the results, and here is the Top 10:

10 – Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A

9 – Principal Koisuru Watashi wa Heroine desu ka?

8 – Impossibility Defense

7 – Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

6 – My Little Monster

5 – Saint Young Men

4 – Marmalade Boy

3 – Inuyashiki

2 – Gintama 2: Okite wa Yaburu Tame ni Koso Aru

1 – Chihayafuru: Musubi

Looks like fans loved the third and final Chihayafuru live-action movie, Musubi, as it took first place. It beat out favorites such as Gintama, and even ones that have been surprisingly loved by critics like Iniyashiki.

As 2019 nears, prepare for more live-action adaptations, as the trend continues to go strong. So, what’s your favorite live-action movie of 2018?

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