Carlo Zen and Shinobu Shinotsuki’s Saga of Tanya the Evil is getting its own anime movie! And now, the anime’s official website has updated to reveal a brand new key visual. It teases what is about to be the movie’s main conflict, which is between Tanya and Mary.

They also revealed several new character visuals for some of the movie’s central characters:








The movie itself will indeed have an original story, set in the events after the TV anime’s conclusion. And now, the website has revealed its story. It seems that The Empire is facing an invasion from the Russy Federation. However, their enemies are also embroiled in a war against a former enemy, the Allied Kingdom. Now, with a common foe, the two former opponents must team up. However, given that she has committed plenty of atrocities against their new “friends”, Tanya seems to be in a bit of trouble herself. And what’s worse is that the Kingdom’s Mary Sioux has vowed vengeance on the “Devil of the Rhine” for killing her father.

The staff also announced the movie’s exact Japanese premiere date, and it will be on February 8, 2019. They will also be opening advance ticket sales for the movie on October 19, 2018. The movie will be a brand new work, and will depict the change in Tanya’s relationship with the top brass of her government. It will also show how much her troops have developed with all these wars going on.

Oh, and Tanya herself will be joining one of the most ambitious crossovers in anime history. This is because she will be appearing in the anime, Isekai Quartet, alongside stars from Re:Zero, Overlord, and KonoSuba.

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