When it comes to being a sexually-explicit franchise, ninja battle video game, Senran Kagura, is one of the most infamous. It has gained a reputation for its clothing damage and fan service scenes, many of which just pop up for no reason at all. But now, it seems that all of that is changing, as series producer Kenichirou Takaki has announced.

The producer recently sat down with Japanese pop culture website, Akiba Souken. There, he said that they will be implementing changes to all Senran Kagura media. This would include the games, and also the currently-airing Senran Kagura Shinovi Master TV anime, which Takaki is serving as a script-writer for. He said that they will stop putting in sexual content for “no narrative reason”. This means that they will not be adding upskirt scenes or just groping each other “for some vague reason”.

Takaki also added that he wants to make stories which properly show the characters’ growth, and have serious scenes co-exist with the humorous scenes. And while the anime itself has a huge focus on action, he admitted they can’t explain reasons narratively for some fanservice scenes.

Aside from that, Takaki also mentioned “increasing international scrutiny” because of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He said:

“Lately, regulations regarding sexual depictions have become more strict around the world, and for this reason, we need to make sure there isn’t any misunderstandings in what we make. There are some parts that are difficult to work with, likely more so than we’ve ever experienced.”

But fret not fanboys, because Takaki also added that fanservice ain’t doomed yet. He mentioned in the interview that “There are people that want to see [sexual content], and there are people like us who want to make such games, so I’d like to think of a way for us to slip our way through.”

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Sources: Akiba-Souken via Siliconera


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