One of the hottest anime of the current Fall 2018 season is most definitely the isekai anime titled “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”. And now, the official website has some good news for the fans, as they announce an OVA for the series.

The website revealed the release of the 11th volume of Mitz Vah’s hit manga will include the new OVA. They will release the manga on  March 29, 2019, and it will be in DVD format. Unfortunately, they did not reveal any further details about this OVA.

Mitz Vah’s manga follows a salaryman who got himself reincarnated after dying from a stab wound. However, his reincarnation was as a highly-adaptive slime who is stronger than the usual weak creatures of its species. The anime adaptation premiered last October 1, 2018. Expect the staff to reveal more announcements about this OVA in the days to come.

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