5 – Chihayafuru (Volumes 1-40) by Yuki Suetsugu

4 – Haikyu!! (Volumes 1-35) by Haruichi Furudate

3 – One Piece (Volumes 1-91) by Eiichiro Oda

2 – Oya-san to Boku by Tarou Yabe

1 – Detective Conan (Volumes 1-95) by Gosho Aoyama

So there you have it folks, Da Vinci magazine’s top manga titles of 2018. And so far, it just proves that Gosho Aoyama has been on a tear lately, and that is because of his work on Detective Conan. Meanwhile, the critically-acclaimed Oya-san to Boku manga has claimed a huge upset for second place, beating out favorites One Piece and Haikyu!.

Meanwhile, fan-favorites My Hero Academia and One Punch Man didn’t quite impress the critics that much, as they made the Top 20, but failed to make the Top 10. But then again, this year’s selection was quite stacked, so we reckon that the voters had quite the hard time deciding which series will make the cut.

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