Zombie Land Saga is one of the hottest anime this season, from rapping zombie idols to biker gang showdowns. But did you know that many of the anime’s locations are based in real-life? This is especially true for Franchoucou’s home base in Saga Prefecture. It’s actually based on the former Karatsu City Historical Folk Museum, which is now a warehouse.

The building also served as Mitsubishi’s Karatsu branch office, before getting notoriety thanks to the anime. It has been closed to the public since 2003, though started holding annual events since last year. And when it did, it got around 300 visitors. With the anime’s popularity, they expected to double that, but the Zombie Land Saga exceeded their expectations. Instead of their expected 600 people, 1,000 visitors arrived at the Holy Land of Zombie Land Saga. Of course, this included a former Saga resident who came with a Franchouchou itasha!

The building has now become very famous in the anime world, and the staff are now expecting more people to visit. The building serves as the living quarters for Koutarou and the zombie idols of Franchouchou in the anime, so it’s only natural for fans to flock to it, as many other anime have shown. It plays a very prominent role in the anime, and they even featured it in the series’ announcement visual:

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Source: Saga Shimbun LIVE


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