It’s no secret that Fate/Grand Order players spend a ton of money in the game. There are even reported incidences that mention of players spending hundreds of thousands of yen in one go. And now, Appbank has posted results of their Fate/Grand Order survey. There, they revealed that a lot of people did spend tons of money just trying to get certain characters.

According to Appbank’s survey, 20.6% of their 982 respondents spent over 200,000 yen on the game alone for 2018. This was the highest spending bracket in the survey, which means that a ton of people really wanted to get Merlin or Scáthach-Skaði that badly. However, that bracket doesn’t really reflect how much people actually spent, as Appbank admitted that they need to increase the bracket as some of the people they surveyed spent a lot more than just 200,000 yen. In fact, one user they surveyed said that he/she has spent 10 Million Yen.

Meanwhile, there are a few people who didn’t really spend that much. 20.9% of them admitted they only spent about 50,000 yen, while only 13.3% didn’t spend any money at all. As for the character which fans spent the money trying the get the most, it’s Scáthach-Skaði. Over a third of the respondents admitted that they are unsuccessful on the money they spent.

So, how much did you spend on Fate/Grand Order last year?

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