Mickey Mouse is big in Japan, and is still one of the most loved characters in the country. Now, several famous mangaka get to try their hands at Walt Disney’s most famous character himself! This is all part of the Kodansha Spring Manga Festival 2019 campaign, which offers 5,000 pairs of tickets to Disney Sea theme park. You know, the big Disneyland in Tokyo!

They’re doing the collaboration in partnership with several Japanese bookstores. In turn, these book stores will give away special Mickey Mouse book covers, each of which feature the world’s most famous mouse as drawn by one of Japan’s most famous mangaka. These include:

Hajime Isayama (Attack on Titan)

Oh great! (Air Gear)

Yuki Suetsugu (Chihayafuru)

Hikaru Nakamura (Arakawa Under the Bridge)

Tsutomu Nihei (Knights of Sidonia)

For every two books readers purcahase that are published by Kodansha, they can win tickets to Tokyo Disney Sea. They can also get their hands on these limited edition book covers by famous mangaka. However, Kodansha will also release a special Mickey Mouse artbook celebrating his 90th anniversary. It won’t just feature art from five mangaka, but 120 of them all in all.

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Source: Comic Natalie


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