Bandai owns the term “GunPla”, and is very keen on protecting their copyrighted property. Last year, they went after two huge bootleg companies in Daban Model and Dragon Momoko. Now, these two companies went down in raids, and it looks like Bandai is going after more bootleggers. They recently released a statement regarding Daban Model, and there, they talked about bootlegs.

In the statement, Bandai said that they have raised the case against Daban Model back in August 2018. This then led to that huge raid on Daban’s factory. The case is currently being processed, and the Chinese government is cooperating the Bandai. In fact, they’re investigating sellers and distributors for selling Daban models. Currently, they’re investigating six of them, both online and otherwise.

They also raised concerns regarding other bootleg companies as well, and even stated their intention of shutting them down. As for Daban’s workers, Bandai stated that they’re either dismissed or arrested.

Daban is quite known (and notorious) in the Gundam modeling community and has copied plenty of Bandai’s Gundam plastic models. They boast of  “excellent workmanship” and “accurate copying” of Bandai’s GunPla products, and sell them at up to a fifth of the original price. This has been quite popular for many Gundam enthusiasts, however, it should be noted that Daban’s plastic quality is quite infamous for being poor and for easily breaking. Not to mention that their pegs don’t fit as easily as Bandai’s.

Bandai has filed copyright infringement cases against them, and with the help of Guangdong and Fujian police, they finally made those raids. In total, the police raided 230 million yuan worth of fake merchandise between those two provinces.

Finally, in order to provide better products, maintain better services, and enhance brand image to consumers, they promised to focus more on intellectual property protection. They’re currently working with the Chinese government to track down and shut down bootleg companies and sellers.

Bandai has stepped up their efforts in going after bootleg brands in past few years. They even released a guide to how to spot a fake from an original Bandai model.

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