Issue #6 of Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine has some bad news for all you Detective Conan fans out there. They announced that Gosho Aoyama’s long-running detective manga is going on hiatus for a while. According to the announcement, the manga will go on hiatus for four weeks, from issue #6-10. However, it will return on the magazine’s 11th issue in February.

The reason for this latest hiatus is so that Aoyama can conduct some research. He previously went on a 9-week hiatus from September to November last year, and that was for research purposes as well.

Well, look at it this way fans, at least it’s just two weeks. Berserk and Hunter x Hunter are known for frequent hiatuses, and theirs often last YEARS on end. And at least he’s doing research to enhance his manga rather than just play video games all day like one particular hiatus-ridden mangaka…

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source: ANN


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