One Piece never ending has been one of the longest running jokes among anime fans. However, in a recent interview, mangaka Eiichiro Oda made a couple of revelations about the length of his manga’s long decades-spanning run.

Oda appeared on Fuji TV’s Honma dekka!? program, and there, he mentioned that the manga’s end is “near”. Unfortunately, Oda did not mention when its exact ending will be given how long One Piece has been running has been. He also said that the manga will have just over 100 volumes. Of course, he’s speaking about the compiled tankoubon manga volumes for his work.

The program’s host, Sanma Akashiya, also asked Oda a few other questions. One of them involved a scenario where a fan correctly guesses One Piece’s ending. To this, Oda simply replied that he would change the ending if that were to happen. He also asked the mangaka about the titular “One Piece” itself, and asked if it’s “family bonds”. To this, Oda replied that he hates that kind of thing, and said that it would be like the ending to the Wizard of Oz. He said an ending like that would be dissatisfying, and given how long the series has went on, he says he wants actual treasure.

Back in 2016, Oda said that One Piece’s story is about 65% done. And given that One Piece has ran for so long, we must take the mangaka’s recent comments with a grain of salt. In other words, it might still be years until we see the ending, though it won’t take another decade at least.

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