Heads up Fate/Grand Order fans, because it looks like we might see the end of the game’s story soon enough. Type-Moon writer and Fate series co-creator Kinoko Nasu recently sat down with 4gamer for an interview. There he said that FGO’s story will be ending after the second arc. In fact, he admitted that he has already written it, and Aniplex has already approved of it.

Nasu says that he wants to do everything he can for the second arc because they’re already planning to end it there. He also added that it’s scary because players would always say that they want the story to continue. He admitted that itn would be difficult to write things after they have ended, thogh he says it’s possible. He even cited Undertail’s multiple endings as an example for this.

4Gamer then asked Nasu if players will feel a sense of loss after they cleared the game. To this, he said that he hopes he can evoke the same kind of loss after he finished Final Fantasy IV. Of course, to those familiar with Nasu, he has always admitted that the game is one of his creative influences.

Fate/Grand Order is now available in English for Android and iOS devices.

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source: 4gamer


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