When it comes to popular cosplayers, one of the most in-demand ladies is Enako. In fact, she has been receiving job offers left and right, as he earns a ton of money from her gigs. Of course, one of her most recent ones was during last month’s Comiket 94 where tons of photographers surrounded her for a special public shoot. Aside from that, she also modeled for several companies during the event, and also sold her merchandise (which sold out). In other words, she made a ton of money during Comiket.

The popular cosplayer recently made an appearance on the Jikkuri Kiitarou TV show for an interview. There, the Nagoya-born cosplayer said that she can earn up to a million yen just to appear in a commercial. However, she also admitted that that work isn’t even her main source of income. She revealed that she earns the most money with her own merchandise. These include photobooks and various other memorabilia.

This would then prompt one of the presenters to ask her how much she earns annually. To this, Enako replied that on a “good year”, she earns about 30 million yen. Of course, the show’s hosts, as well as audience members, gasped at the surprise of how much she earns.

The Japanese media dubs her as “Japan’s Number 1 Cosplayer,” and that title carries a bit of weight. As to why the media calls her that, this may be because of how much exposure and jobs she gets. There’s no real way to determine who the real #1 cosplayer in Japan really is, but when it comes to star power, gigs, TV appearances, and many other reasons, Enako is one of the ones at the top.

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source: Sora News 24


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