Despite many saying that Kantai Collection is now a “dead game”, the Kantai Collection community (as well as the game itself) is still very much alive in Japan. In fact, they recently held the “‘KanColle’ Shinshun Chinjufu Jazz Matsuri 2019” event inside one of Japan’s most prestigious venues, the Nippon Budoukan. And there, the game’s staff have confirmed that it’s getting a brand new TV anime!

Kadokawa’s new 2D/3D animation studio, Studio Engi, will be handling the animation production. They’re also producing the anime alongside anime holding company Ultra Super Pictures and Pachinko company, Sammy. They also played a promotional video for the anime during the event. However, they haven’t revealed it online as of writing.

The TV anime’s final episode previously announced sequel TV series, but they didn’t announce any further information. It also received a sequel movie as well. Expect the staff to reveal more announcements about this new TV anime in the days to come.

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source: Kantai Collection official Twitter Page


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