It looks like there is now two giant robots outside the Diver City Tokyo mall in Odaiba. This is because a life-size Bumblebee statue just arrived there, and it’s standing right next to the life-size Unicorn Gundam!

Of course, it’s a lot smaller compared to the Unicorn, as it only measures in at 3m and 69cm in height. They also said that it weighs in at about 858.6kg as well. And yes, they’re doing this to promote the upcoming Bumblebee movie, that will air in Japan on March 22, 2019. Here are a few more tweets from fans visiting the two life-size robots:

It may not as be as big as the Unicorn Gundam, but it certainly also captured the hearts of fans and passers-by. Unfortunately, this life-size statue won’t be there long. It will only be there until the end of March, so if you’re passing by the Gundam, why visit Bumblebee as well?

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