School Live! (Gakkou Gurashi) is known as a “Healing Anime”, and is definitely full of rainbows and sunshine. It follows a girl named Yuki, and she has lots of friends. And now, the staff for the live-action adaptation have released a new trailer, and it definitely features Yuki’s many friends. Let the “Healing” begin!

See? It’s definitely not a Zombie Apocalypse move, right? The manga-based movie will premiere on January 25, 2019. Its staff previously revealed the cast, and you can check them out through this link. They are all members of the Japanese idol group, Last Idol.

The manga inspired a highly-popular TV anime adaptation, which of course, inspired memes. It follows a group of girls and their dog as they try to survive inside their school after a zombie apocalypse breaks out in Japan. However, they also have to deal with Yuuki, who has been compromised with delusions that she’s living a normal life despite what’s going on around her. Oh, and unlike other Manga Time Kirara titles which are light and soft-hearted, this one is dark and quite heavy. Now, sing the OP with me!

With an OP like that, it’s totally not a zombie apocalypse series, right?

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