Director Mamoru Hosoda has had many unforgettable works, from Summer Wars to the Boy and the Beast. And now, one of those works has gotten an Oscar nomination, and that of course is MIRAI. The anime’s nomination for the 91st Academy Awards’ Best Animated Feature Film is quite historical, as it’s the first for the director, and also the first non-Ghibli work to get one.

And now, the director himself has released a statement regarding his nomination via Studio Chizu’s official LINE blog:

“I am just so surprised to hear that MIRAI was nominated for the 91st Academy Awards. I feel a great meaning and significance for the fact that this cute film telling a little child’s everyday life and growth quietly was chosen along with other films that were about heroes. With this nomination as a start, I would be very happy if more people enjoy MIRAI deeply and widely. “

The movie had earned 2.88 billion yen in the local Japanese box office, which is less than half of the earnings of Hosoda’s previous film, The Boy and The Beast. However, it seems that the Oscars liked MIRAI a lot better, as they gave it an Oscar nomination.

The 91st annual Academy Awards will announce the winners during the awarding ceremony on February 24, 2019.

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