Love Live fans, or Love Livers, are quite infamous in Japan for being unruly. However, it seems that BanG Dream fans also want that infamy as well. During the Animax Musix event, BanG Dream, or Bandori fans gathered in order to watch Poppin’ Party’s performance. Unfortunately, what was supposed to just be a group photo soon escalated to an all-out brawl between Bandori fans. Allegedly, one of them even brandished a lead pipe and smashed someone’s smartphone. Luckily, the Osaka police intervened and broke up the fight. However, a new video showed that even with the police arriving, things were still pretty wild…

And they said Love Livers were wild…

The brawl between fans prompted questions regarding the security in the 3-day Badori 7th Live concert event at the Nippin Budokan. To this, BanG Dream! executive producer Takaaki Kidani released a statement saying he’s like to come up with a “perfect” security system for the event. He then said he’ll announce more details soon, and he hopes that the staff can put together an event everyone can enjoy.

Bad anime fan behavior has been surfacing in many events, though many attribute it to Love Livers. However, incidences with other franchises, such as BanG Dream do happen.

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