SSSS.Gridman proved to be one of 2018’s biggest and most successful anime. It’s loosely based on Tsuburaya’s tokusatsu series, Denkou Choujin Gridman, which starred Masaya Obi as the titular tokusatsu hero. The former actor has some newfound fame because of the anime, and has been connecting with fans on twitter to talk about Gridman. Unfortunately, this newfound fame is also costing him dearly, as prank callers beset his restaurant.

The restaurant is actually Obi’s main source of income these days, and he’s afraid he might close it down as he has taken down his restaurant’s phone number and address to deter pranksters. It seems that these pranksters have been calling the restaurant every time, forcing him to pull the phone from his business on January 2.

He says that the restaurant is just a normal biker bar, and he wants it to stay that way. He also admitted that he doesn’t want Gridman fans to overwhelm his regulars, and he insists that he does not sell any Gridman merchandise. As for blocking fans, Obi says he really doesn’t wanna do that. He has now taken down his twitter page and is staying off social media.

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source: Yaraon


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