2018 had plenty of ups and downs, especially in the world of anime. We lost plenty of big names, and we also had a ton of awful anime. However, the ups were equally great as well, and we’ve picked 10 of the best anime from last year. We’ve debated among ourselves which anime deserves to be in this list, and we wanted to name a lot. Fights almost broke out too! However, we’ve made our decision, and here are our picks for the Top 10 Best Anime of 2018:

10 – Zombie Land Saga

Kicking off our list is arguably the most surprising anime this year, Zombie Land Saga. It was hilarious, touching, and is definitely not your average idol anime or zombie anime. It was very satisfying to watch, though we felt it was a bit too short. Had they continued the anime, we would have ranked it higher for the potential.

9 – SSSS. Gridman

Studio Trigger had two huge hits this year, but we felt only one was good enough to enter the Top 10. Yes folks, it’s SSSS.Gridman! It had plenty of great action, a throwback feel for all you Ultraman fans, and it had amazing and complex characters. The highlight of them being the girl who is arguably the best villain of the year, Akane Shijou. Trigger knocked it out of the park with the anime, and that’s why it’s in our Top 10!

8 – Cells At Work

Who knew learning about human anatomy can be so much fun? Well, Cells At Work came in with a ton of hype coming into Summer 2018, and it certainly delivered! Oh, and did we mention it’s an educational series too?!

7 – Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

This anime certainly feels like a combination of Oregairu and Monogatari, and it’s also very fun to watch. From Mai and Sakuta’s banter, to the complex stories of everyone involved, “Bunny Girl Senpai’s” story is certainly very compelling. And whenever it ends, we always end up wanting even more. But don’t worry folks, there’s a sequel movie coming up…

6 – Hinamatsuri

We’re not gonna lie, but Hinamatsuri is certainly the most underrated anime on our list. It follows the adventures of a powerful psychic girl and a Yakuza gangster. Comedy ensues. It certainly is a very enjoyable watch, and has some of the most complex characters of the year. You can’t help but cheer for them all… except the titular Hina. She’s an asshole. Oh, and Anzu best girl!

5 – Golden Kamuy

An adventure in the frozen wilderness of Hokkaido, deadly factions trying to find lost Ainu gold, and of course, a lovable loli with all the best facial expressions out there… what’s not to love?

4 – Grand Blue

We just could not stop laughing with this anime. Sire, it sells itself as a diving anime, but it’s not dammit! It’s an anime about drinking! But kidding aside, we really enjoyed watching this to the point that our stomachs hurt…

3 – Violet Evergarden

Visually stunning, this anime has it all. From great drama which can make you cry to some surprisingly killer action sequences, Violet Evergarden is certainly one of the year’s best. It also brought us one of the year’s best characters (hands down) in Violet herself. The anime evokes a ton of emotions, and the beautiful scenery and animation certainly helps a lot! Earlier this year, we’ve already said that it will win Best Anime for 2018. However, two anime showed up and changed our minds…

2 – Asobi Asobase

We’ve listened to our hearts, and we think Asobi Asobase really deserves that #2 spot. From the meme-worthy faces to the eccentric actions of the characters, the anime is certainly a great one. And like Grand Blue, it also made us all genuinely laugh our butts off. This unassuming anime about three friends is certainly worth the watch, and it’s just that damn good too! However, only one anime topped Asobi Asobase this year, and I think many of you know what it is…

1 – A Place Further Than The Universe

Come on, is there even any question as to which anime would be at #1? Four girls set out to Antarctica for one of the best coming-of-age anime stories ever, and they certainly captured our hearts. We can’t tell you how much we loved the anime, but the drama, great characters, and even that Singapore stop-over were all very enjoyable. Oh, and it was a unanimous decision to name the anime #1 too!

So there you have it folks, our picks for the best anime of the year! So, which is your favorite anime from 2018?

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