2018 was a huge year for Virtual YouTubers, and to celebrate the New Year, they were supposed to hold the Count 0 Super Live 2018-2019 event, which is both a New Year countdown and a concert featuring several Virtual YouTubers, including Kizuna Ai. It was supposed to be the biggest concert event for virtual YouTuber fans. Unfortunately, they had to cancel the event 20 minutes before it even began…

The reason for the cancellation was because the staff experienced a lot of technical problems. It was a virtual concert event which was supposed to happen in Japan on December 31 at 8pm. YouTube was supposed to stream the event for free, while some people actually paid 5,890 yen to watch it via VR SPARC.

The cancellation costed a lot of fans money, with one person even spending 70,000 yen on buying VR equipment just to watch the show. VR SPARC apologized , as well as web production company, Kayac, which organised the event. VR SPARC also promised refunds to those who paid to watch the VR show.

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Source: kayac official



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