Attack on Titan’s third season will continue with its second cour in April. And now, NHK and Pony Canyon are teasing some of the action we will be expecting in a brand new PV:

The second part will continue where the first part of Season 3 left off. And as for the video, it confirmed that much of the staff and cast from the first part are also returning. Some of the returning staff members include chief director Tetsuro Araki, director Masashi Koizuka, script supervisor Yasuko Kobayashi, character designer Kyoji Asano, assistant director Hiroyuki Tanaka, chief animation directors Kyoji Asano and Satoshi Kadowaki, and composer Hiroyuki Sawano.

The staff haven’t revealed an exact release date for the anime yet, but we do know it will be in April. Expect them to make more announcements about Part 2 in the days to come.

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