When Dragon Ball Evolution was released, creator Akira Toriyama was really disappointed with the movie. In fact, the mangaka was really vocal with his disdain for “Evolution”. However, it seems it’s the opposite for the mangaka behind Battle Angel Alita. Yukito Kishiro is one of the most respected mangaka in Japan, having created Gunnm… or as people abroad know it as, Battle Angel Alita. And unlike Toriyama with Evolution, he just can’t stop talking about how good the movie is. In fact, he has already seen it FIVE TIMES and says it’s “the greatest movie ever”.

The Alita: Battle Angel live-action Hollywood film recently held a premiere event in Japan where the staff and cast met Kizuna Ai. Kishiro also attended the premiere, and even talked to the Japanese press. He says that everytime he sees the movie, he finds something new. He says that the composition is amazing, and all scenes are special. He then admitted that he himself admitted that he’s the one who created the movie’s original story. He also praised the staff, saying that they made the “greatest movie in the world”. Well, compare his giddy and happy reactions with Toriyama’s in Dragon Ball Evolution and we can see the difference, huh?

The movie is now showing here in Southeast Asia, as well as the United States. It’s considered as one of the few successful Hollywood adaptations of Japanese works, with its mangaka genuinely praising the film.

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