When Hollywood makes a live-action adaptation of a Japanese property, fans usually groan. Infamous movies like Tekken and Dragon Ball Evolution could attest to the fan backlash. And even their creators aren’t fond of those movies as well. However, with the release of James Cameron’s new Alita: Battle Angel movie, things are a bit different. One is that the movie is actually good and that the fans are loving it. And two is that its creator is singing praises after the movie’s release! That’s right folks, Yukito Kishiro, the mangaka behind Battle Angel Alita, recently released a new illustration featuring the titular character. He also sang much praise to the new movie.

The illustration also serves as the cover for Kodansha’s Evening magazine, which also promotes the movie. Aside from the illustration reveal, the movie’s Japanese twitter page also released a statement from the mangaka, giving praise to the film:

“The movie inherited the core part of the manga splendidly. This includes the character development and their reasons. I am extremely glad that the movie diligently reflected elements from the manga.”

See? Hollywood can do it after all! They already pulled it off with “The Edge of Tomorrow”, and now they’ve pulled it off again! The movie is now showing in several countries here in Southeast Asia, though it will hit Alita’s home country of Japan on February 22, 2019. It will also hit the west later this month as well.

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