Remember Monster Rancher? Well, it looks like the game may be getting a comeback as Koei Tecmo launches a new official twitter page for the franchise. This is actually to celebrate the the franchise’s 20th anniversary, and it seems that Colt, the farmhand from the Monster Rancher 2 game, is the one running the account. They even released a visual of her via twitter:

They also released this artwork saying that Colt is very much happy to see everyone:

The account’s launch hasn’t said anything concrete yet, aside from Colt greeting everyone. However, it is fueling a ton of speculations whether or not we’re getting a brand new Monster Rancher game!

To those unfamiliar with Monster Rancher, it’s a monster-raising simulator where “ranchers” raise, take care of, and even breed their monsters. Of course, they will battle eventually with them as well! Many consider the game as one of Pokemon’s first true rivals, along with Digimon. However, the franchise didn’t see as much success as compared to the other two franchises.  It also inspired a 1999 TV anime, as well as several sequel and spin-off games.



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