When it comes to OG idol anime, Macross is one of the biggest. It introduced us to Lynn Minmay, one of the earliest idol characters in Japanese anime. It also gave us Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee, as well as Walkure. The franchise has legions of fans, and that combines both the idol fanboys and the mecha fanboys. And now, one fan has recreated two of the franchise’s idols in life-size papercraft artworks:

Papercraft artist Raymond Taylor first completed Minmay last year, and recently finished Freyja Wion from Walkure. He even posted a video on YouTube:

He even has some LEDs built in as well:

And speaking of Walkure, they will be returning for a new Macross movie next year. Franchise creator Shoji Kawamori announced it himself in fact, though he hasn’t revealed any further details yet.


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