Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally happening, because that infamous trouble-making otter, Chiitan is getting her very own TV anime! The official website for TV Tokyo’s Kinder TV revealed that it is really happening! Chiitan is now officially an anime character. They even released a new PV, which means it’s really official folks!

Oh, and here’s a new key visual as well:

The announcement stated that the new anime will debut in April 3, 2019 via TV Tokyo’s Kinder TV timeslot. East Fish Studio will be animating the project, with Natsuki Takemura both directing and doing the character designs. Here are a few still images that the staff also released:

For those who don’t know who Chiitan is… well… she’s… um… infamous. She has had a huge following due to her hilarious videos. However, her stunts are also a bot dangerous…

So yeah, kinda makes you wonder what she’ll do as an anime character now, huh?

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